General Information


These programs offer a flexible schedule and learning opportunity that is specific to each junior athlete. Whether a junior athlete wants to develop their game to the highest level or is just starting their golfing journey, it is important that they all have the following: a golf environment to make friends and have fun, an opportunity to learn about their game (including technique, tactics and mental aptitude on the golf course), and a relationship with a Coach who will support them along their way. This program offers this!


Program Fees


$300.00 (per month billed on the 1st of each month) + HST

$ 75.00 (per session as drop in option) + HST


Monthly Inclusions


  • 9 holes on course every week with Coach.
  • Unlimited coaching off the course. It is the junior athlete’s (not parent or guardian) responsibility to schedule these sessions directly with their Coach. Coaching may include, but is not limited to: self management, growing the capacity to be present on the course, learning how to handle interference, skill acquisition and technique, increasing the level of enjoyment while playing competitively or non competitively, etiquette, and a better understanding of the rules of golf.


Drop-In Inclusions


  • 9 holes on course every week with Coach or 45 minute coaching session off course.


On Course Schedule 2018 


  • Starting Wednesday, May 2nd, every Wednesday afternoon from 4:30pm to 7:00pm.


Please note: program dates and exact itinerary may change depending on weather and turf maintenance days.




Members and guests may book in person at The Golf Shop, by email at sbell@georgianbayclub.com, or by fax at 519.599.9969.