Megan Chapman


PGA of Canada Head Teaching Professional


Megan's methodology has been developed after years of observing how people learn the game of golf. Her passion for human development is evident through her unique and fresh instructional approach. In an industry where students are constatntly looking to others for the quick fix and/or solution, Megan gently guides her students inward so they can develop awareness and increase their ability to self-coach. 
Megan is a Certified Golf Coach with the PGA of Canada, Mind Factor Coach, Titleist Performance Institute Level 1 and Junior Coach, as well as a Registered Yoga Instructor. Although Megan will be on maternity until the end of August, she may still be contacted directly for any coaching inquiries. 






G.W. King

PGA of Canada Class 'A' Professional



G.W.'s approach is simple when you ask "why can a student perform well on the range, but then not take the talent to the golf course?" Over his 20 plus years, G.W. always strived to follow the most accepted teaching models to help students improve their golfing ability, helping his students hit their true potential.

For the last 5 years, G.W. has embarked on a quest to further simplify his teaching and learning process in golf. G.W. feels that addressing factors that may affect his students on the course, that are not present on the range, are the starting point to see the improvement his students are after.






Scott Bell


PGA of Canada Teaching Professional


Scott's techniques analyze the full swing with three main areas of focus - A Solid Foundation of Fundamentals, A Structured Takeaway of the Club, and Solid Impact of the Golf Ball. Scott has received two certificates in the National Coaching Certification Program within the PGA of Canada training prgram for both beginner (NCCPIB) and intermediate (NCCPII) golfers. 
As our Junior Program Coordinator, Scott has worked to grow the game within the Georgian Bay community and has developed strong relationships with his junior players as students.